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Premier Outdoors

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Where Quality Meets the Outdoors

Excitement, anticipation, challenge. With emotion coursing through your veins, you begin to plan out that long-dreamed-of hunting expedition. Grabbing some paper you start jotting down the needed supplies. Anticipation escalates as you plan and scrawl down more items. After a while, you've filled several pages with supplies and gear. Brimming with excitement, you know the next stage of your planning is about to begin- the shopping. Where can you shop with the best options?

Let me introduce Premier Outdoors. It's the place where hunters, fisherman, softball players, capers, and the entire family meet with friendly customer service.

Located just south of the bustling intersection of Mt. Hope, Ohio, the business is focused on helping each customer walking in their door have an excellent shopping experience. While hunting is one of the core aspects specializes in. There are also footwear, clothing, sports, camping, optics, and fishing departments. The welcoming sales staff is there to assist with finding just the right item for the project or adventure at hand.

Premier Outdoors began in 2009, with Norman Miller as the owner and sole employee. As time went on, his brother John and another associate, Jonathan Yoder, joined the business. Soon the threesome was making plans., and in 2015 the company opened their impressive new retail store. The new building is larger, with many more items in stock. The business now has seven people employed full time, with several more helping during the busier seasons.

Back to that expedition list. Maybe yours starts with something like this: Have my bow tuned (Possibly get a new one.) Check out the gun options, lightweight hunting clothes, good footwear, food, water filters, optics, a GPS, lightweight tent, warm sleeping bag, walking stick, and efficient camping stove, packs, a better knife- Your entire list can be brought to Premier Outdoors where everything can be crossed and taken care of once and for all. John states that the business is the only one in the area capable of providing 100% of the items on your list.